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Why Work with a Fertility Mentor?

A Fertility Mentor is your biggest cheerleader. Your greatest advocate and a wealth of information that would take you years to collect. Navigating starting a family on your own can be overwhelming, confusing and lonely. All of these factors can take a toll on your mental health.
I carry the benefit of hindsight which makes your journey easier and less costly both in time AND money.
Investing in your happiness is the first step on your road to baby.
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Tania has been a helpful source of not only information, but also encouragemet on this fertlity journey. I would absoulutely recommend her to others that are on this long and emotional road. Having support from someone else that has been through this was priceless.
Kelly D
43, USA
Tania and her services were a bright light in a very dark time for me. I was not coping well with infertility when I started to work with Tania, and she quickly bought me encouragement and hope. She is well versed in all aspects of infertility and has thoroughly researched the science behind the issues and treatment options. Tania is strong but empathetic, and was supportive of any treatment options I wanted to explore, whether they be based in Eastern on Western philosophy. She is just a badass at life, and a badass fertility coach - there's no one else I'd rather have on my team!
testimonial tania
I definitely enjoyed your chats, very informational. I learned a lot and have a different perspective in regards to choosing a donor as well as a sperm bank. I feel a few of my worries have decreased and I would definitely recommend to others.