About The Fertility Mentor

Welcome, I'm glad you found me!

My name is Tania. I am a Single Mother by Choice (SMC / SMBC) to two wonderful children.

All of my life I looked forward to starting a family. I waited patiently to meet the man who would make my dreams come true. And I waited, and I dated. None of the men who featured in my relationship attempts would commit to, or were ready for children. It was heartbreaking. I began to think I would never be a Mother.

Then I heard about sperm donation and about the amazing women who had children ON THEIR OWN!! Incredible… where do I sign up? And that’s when the overwhelm hit me. 3 years worth of overwhelm. During this time I would log on to sperm banks and browse. I’d think to myself “this looks just like online dating, maybe I should give that another go”…. and so I’d put myself through another 20 first dates. Then I turned 38 and time was not on my side anymore. It was now or never.

What followed was 3 years of infertility. Failed IUI’s, testing which revealed that I only had half a uterus. 3 rounds of IVF, multiple FET’s, a miscarriage and finally a viable pregnancy which brought my son into my arms.

14 months later I decided to jump back on the TTC (trying to conceive) train. 3 more rounds of IVF which produced just one embryo (which didn’t take) and then a life changing gift. The Mother of one of my sons donor siblings gave me one of her leftover embryos to enable me to complete my family. When my son was almost 3, I gave birth to my daughter via embryo donation

My journey was not smooth but I am so lucky that I got my happy ending.

After my son was born I felt compelled to help others. I’d learned so much in my journey that I knew my insight could save others a lot of heartache (as well as some $ too!). That is how I began mentoring women wanting to start families on their own as well as women who were experiencing infertility. Drawing on my own experiences and 7 years of research in Fertility / Infertility I help you find your inner strength and inner calm. I empower women to take control of their fertility by providing them with positive mindset, reliable information and coping strategies.  

Having a child and experiencing infertility whether you are solo or partnered can be a lonely experience. When you work with the Fertility Mentor that feeling will be greatly reduced and even eradicated. 

The Fertility Mentor is always in your corner. They understand, listen and will keep hope alive. As you work to achieve the family of your dreams, I will be behind the scenes guiding, supporting and inspiring you. 


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