Tania and her services were a bright light in a very dark time for me. I was not coping well with infertility when I started to work with Tania, and she quickly bought me encouragement and hope. She is well versed in all aspects of infertility and has thoroughly researched the science behind the issues and treatment options. Tania is strong but empathetic, and was supportive of any treatment options I wanted to explore, whether they be based in Eastern on Western philosophy. She is just a badass at life, and a badass fertility coach - there's no one else I'd rather have on my team!
testimonial tania
I started my journey into choosing single motherhood by choice about 3 years ago at 38 and I am approaching 41 very quickly now. At that time I really had no idea what the process entailed other than I needed to see an RE to see if I could even get pregnant.  All checked out fine and I was given the information to look at specific sperm banks along with the procedures that could get me to the pregnancy stage....but that was it!  Nothing about how to choose a donor or how to decide in which bank to even look at.  Nothing in the way of support going forward in the future or how to find support if one wanted to connect with other SMBC.   So after a year of figuring out my donor and attempting two times with only the first time working then resulting in a loss.... I decided to turn to FB to see if there were any groups with women like me.  I happened upon The Fertility Mentor through the SMBC site and decided to reach out to her.  It was the best move I have ever made.  Tania has been such an asset when its come to me finding information that is going to help me make the best choices for me moving forward.  This whole fertility journey is tough enough on it’s own, so knowing I have someone who can help me figure out what steps to take and when has been a blessing.  Thank You Fertility Mentor....I am well onto my new adventure and cannot wait to see what it will bring!

Tania is an extraordinary resource for knowledge about the IVF process, how to choose reputable donor sperm companies, and how to wrap you head around the idea of becoming a single mother by choice. I wentinto this process thinking I would start by the time I was 40. That was my first mistake by age 40 my egg reserve and quality had dropped. I had a baby naturally at 38 so I had a skewed idea about my fertility. I thought I had years left. Instead I went through 5 rounds of out of pocket IVF, 3 donors because I never bought enough sample. I had assumed it would just work and I bough two vials… it never crossed my mind that my cycles would fail or that I wouldn’t get PGS normal embryos. Tania was amazing because she gave me confidence in my choice to do this alone. She gave me support when my cycles failed. She was an extraordinary resource to introduce me to single mothers by choice groups in my local area. It will become important fo rmy baby as she grows up to see other families like our family. Tania has experienced this process herself so she truly understands the struggles, questions and periods where we question ourselves. You will be lucky to have her knowledge, support and positive enthusiasm for moving forward toward your family goals. 

Katie, Rhode Island